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Women and children in Ukraine need your help!

On February 24, 2022, Russia’s military attack on Ukraine took place.
Since that day, most regions of our country have been under fire, shelling and bombing by the aggressor.

Lost their homes

What we do

– We are organizing temporary camps in Lviv for refugees. For women, children and the elderly.
– We coordinate humanitarian aid in other volunteer hubs that accept people free of charge

Our Mission

– Rescue women and children fleeing the regions of Ukraine where hostilities are taking place due to Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, provide them with temporary shelter to recover and ability to rest and plan their future actions.
– To leave Ukrainians in Ukraine. Create conditions for the maximum number of Ukrainians to stay in Ukraine, not to migrate to Europe, to prevent the separation of families and to enable them to resume life and work in safety.

We are convinced

– When hundreds of thousands of women and children need help to survive – we have no right to be indifferent.
– It is time to ask the world for help…
from ordinary people, from those who know how to empathize, have a sincere heart, have the opportunity to make even a small contribution to a great cause.
– Only by joint efforts can we stop the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

Refugee camp №1

Саmp can accommodate 100 people. It is located in the restaurant on the territory of the recreation complex “OTAMAN”. During its existence, more than 2,000 people have received assistance here.

Refugee camp №2

Refugee camps in Lviv are overcrowded, with hundreds of calls coming to the hub from people in need every day. Women with children spend the night at the train station, on the street. We are now creating a new hub for 200 people.

Cooperation with Lviv Shelters

About 50 volunteer shelters, organized on the initiative of private entrepreneurs, now accommodate people in Lviv free of charge. We keep in touch with everyone, coordinate the distribution of humanitarian aid, gather the urgent needs of hubs, try to help them.

Our Needs

The following is now urgently needed to launch a new refugee camp:
Power Generator 80 Kwatt
Floor 6 Heaters 25kWatt each
14400 liters of diesel for Power Generator

250 Blankets
250 Pillows
250 Towels
250 Linens
Covid-19 tests
Hygiene kits
Medicine including
We are also in urgent need of a full-time in-house doctor.

We ask for your help
If you have the opportunity to help us – we will be very grateful. Contact us, our contact details are below. The hotline is open 24 hours a day.
Also, you can make a contribution with a donation, from above you can choose the way that is most convenient for you.
We will be sincerely grateful for any help.

We cover all our actions in our social networks. Also, if you leave us your contact, we will be able to personally send you a report on the use of resources that will be received.

We thank everyone who came to this page and even read all the way here, it definitely means that you are with us in mind and heart! From the bottom of my heart – thank you very much!

Become a Volunteer

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